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Founded is 2003 by a team of bright telecom engineers, Voicelynx Inc. witnessed a fast and steady growth in the telecom services field. Today, we are proud to have an excellent portfolio of worldwide partners and clients who value Voicelynx for its unique professionalism and utmost credibility. Well known for its own technical expertise, and in addition to voice carrier services, Voicelynx provides top-notch customized telecom solutions. A team of young, ambitious and energetic telecom experts, we at Voicelynx are always thriving to meet the market ever-changing needs thus leading to customers' ultimate satisfaction. We believe that "Change" is an opportunity and dynamism is the way to take advantage of it.


Our team is passionate about opportunities to innovate for a better and much more performant VOIP services.


Here at Voicelynx our clients are our partners, friends, and family.


We aim to top the charts with our organized business structure, so you stay in the lead.


We're constantly focusing on the high-growth areas of VoIP and retail markets. We therefore provide integrated solutions that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers while exploiting highly fragmented competition in the marketplace.


Voicelynx provide the best quality voice services to our respected partners. We are interconnected with more than a hundred companies which include direct operators and well known companies of VOIP.


Voicelynx provides SMS services as all our respected partners are working on SMS as well. This will make our relationship more strong with our partners . We ensure fastest and good delivery rate of SMS

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